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Melbourne Truss & Wall Frame Manufacturers

Looking for professional truss companies in Melbourne with dedicated tradespeople and experienced wall frame and truss manufacturers to build your next investment? Hitech Trusses is one of the leading truss and wall manufacturers Melbourne-wide.

The team at Hitech Trusses care about your investment; we want to see happy and repeat customers, but most importantly, as leading truss manufacturers in Dandenong and Melbourne, we want to help you take the stress out of getting your building off the ground.

What Do Frame and Truss Manufacturers Create?

Hitech Trusses specialises in the design and manufacture of timber trusses. Just as our bones provide the framework that holds our bodies up, timber trusses provide the structural framework that provides support to the roof and holds it up. Wall frames serve a similar function, in that they give the required support for the roof of your home. Discover just what our truss manufacturers in Melbourne can do for you.

Truss Design Features

Though a truss may seem like a simple architectural component to the user, the Melbourne truss specialists at Hitech Trusses see it as the meticulous assembly of various components including:

  • Hip Ends, Dutch Ends, Gable Ends, Ridge Lines, Girder Trusses and Raking Trusses
  • Top and Bottom Chords: The top and bottom members of the trusses

The above-mentioned components have to be designed by truss & frame manufacturers in a way that enables them to fit perfectly with the truss and walls, connecting in such a way that it completes a “structurally sound” structure.

The joints in the entire structure also have to be carefully designed and constructed by the truss makers so they do not compromise the strength or the durability of the prefabricated components.\

The Best Timber Trusses Melbourne-Wide

As one of the leading truss companies in Dandenong, Hitech Trusses enables clients across Melbourne to strengthen their properties with quality manufactured timber trusses and other solutions. Whether you’re in need of roof repairs for a commercial property, you’re building a new residential home, or you’re working as a property developer, our frame and truss manufacturers in Melbourne can provide custom truss designs that will meet your specifications and serve well in your properties.

Check out examples of truss designs we have produced in the past below, or contact us to get your timber trusses designed and manufactured by Hitech Trusses – your premier truss company in Melbourne.

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The Best Timber Trusses Melbourne-Wide

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