About Us

Hitech Steel is based in Kilsyth & Hitech Trusses is based in Dandenong they joined forces in July 2014 to give the housing industry the option of building your next investment by one company of dedicated tradespeople, people who care about your investment, people who want to see happy customers and people who appreciate repeat business, but most importantly take the stress out of getting your building off the ground.

Hitech Steel has over 30 yrs experience in the steel industry and Hitech Trusses has over 20 yrs experience in the housing industry, coupled with using the latest software and technology and with some of the most modern equipment both companies realised providing customers with a total package solution to standing there new home was fast becoming a reality, Our team of dedicated employees are constantly heading back to school to learn the newest & greatest improvements in the engineering aspect of housing, whilst other employees are in school learning the various trades associated within our companies.