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“Posi-Struts”, are also know Light Weight Metal Web “Floor Trusses” System are a structural component commonly used in “Roof & Floor Construction” in building Industry.

Advantage of Posi Struts / Floor Trusses / Long Reach

1. Lightweight Design: “Posi Struts” are significantly lighter, making them easier to handle.

2. “Long Span / Long Reach” Capabilities: “Posi Struts” are designed to span longer distances; this allows for more open and flexible floor plans.

3. Plumbing and Wiring Integration: The open-web design of “Posi-Struts” makes it easy to run plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling services through the floor.

4. Reduced “Floor Joist” Bounce: “Posi-Struts” are engineered to eliminate the “bounce” or sag, providing a more stable and comfortable floor.

5. Customization:  “Posi-Struts” can be customized to suit the specific requirements of a project, including different depths and configurations.

6. Structural Integrity: “Posi-Struts” maintain their structural integrity over the life of the building, ensuring long-term stability when designed and installed correctly.

7. Compliance with Building Standards: “Posi-Struts” are typically manufactured to meet or exceed relevant building standards, ensuring they are safe and reliable for use in construction.

8. Cost-Effective: “Long-Span / Long Reach” capabilities and ease of installation can lead to cost savings in terms of labor and materials.

Overall, the above advantages of “Posi-Struts” or ” Floor Trusses” make them a popular choice in modern construction industry, particularly for projects where “Long Span / Long Reach“, open spaces, and integration of services are important considerations.


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