Posi Struts

Posi Struts in Melbourne

For over 20 years, Hitech Trusses has designed posi struts and poli trusses for Melbourne homes with outstanding results. Our engineered trusses are constructed to eliminate any ‘bounce’ in the floor and retain their structural integrity for the life of the house. When designing posi struts for Melbourne homes, we always allow for shower set downs, drop ceilings, long spans, and essential services such as heating, cooling, plumbing and electricity.

We combine Australian Structural Pine with “Mitek” software and fasteners in the manufacture of all our posi struts in order to deliver products of the highest quality. Think about it – building your home will likely be one of the most expensive investments you will ever make, so why not use one of the best manufacturers in the industry? Many will make promises they can’t keep, but you can rely on Hitech Trusses to provide first-class posi struts and trusses that are built to Australian Standards and delivered on time.

Posi Struts Customised to Suit Your Requirements

Our posi struts in Melbourne are customised and engineered to suit whatever project you may have. We offer various depths ranging from 250mm through to 300mm, 360mm and 400mm.

There are many advantages of choosing posi trusses and struts by Hitech Trusses for your project. We have a product that is up to 50% lighter than any other conventional joist available in Melbourne, such as hyHOIST. Forget having to cut through solid joists, compromising the structure. The open webs of posi trusses allow all your plumbing/electrical/ heating services to flow through the floor without any compromise to the structure.

For superior design and construction of posi struts in Melbourne, contact us today for a free quote. You can also call the Hitech Trusses office on (03) 9706 6876 for any other queries; we are more than happy to assist.

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